We at RESET21 have the vision to be a ♻️ zero impact activewear brand in Australia. Although it is impossible to offset the use of water, energy, and other resources to manufacture; these are a few steps we have taken to launch our first, recycled activewear collection:

✔️ Sampling- We’ve developed samples using digital tools instead of physical ones to reduce waste

✔️ Sourcing- We’ve used ethically sourced surplus, recycled threads, and fabrics

✔️ Packaging- We’ve used recycled papers, recycled and reusable plastic bags for packaging

✔️ Manufacturing- We’ve partnered with factories that are globally accredited for their social & environmental practices

✔️ Distribution- Instead of investing heavily in retail spaces and branding, we are collaborating with local community stores to reach out to our customers, while having a strong online presence.

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RESET21: Sustainability is woven into the fabric of all our decisions


We did not waste time and material by making physical samples. We have used digital apps to develop 3D samples in various options. By replacing physical samples with digital ones, we have reduced the cumbersome process of wasting hundreds of products and materials that get re-designed, re-shipped globally wasting natural resources and money, to get the right fit and style.


We work with factories (certified by global auditing bodies) where workers make ethical wages and work health and safety are a priority. These factories practice lean manufacturing & have a Kaizen culture where they invest in clean energy solutions and utilize innovative ways to reduce waste where possible.


Most of our products are made from either recycled material or fabric that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. Incidentally, this is also why we can keep our products affordable while maintaining the highest quality.


Instead of investing in our own physical retail space - we are collaborating to sell via local community stores while having a strong online presence.

We are not a big team, but just a group of diverse friends working together to achieve the same sustainable vision. Getting the right help and support from freelance experts around the world ensures a productive way of getting the most out of the sustainable vision we carry.

Every day is a great way to start changing your shopping habits and make an impact on both fashion and sustainability. That is why we would like to hear more from you.

Let us know how do you feel about our sustainable business model. Are you inspired and motivated to take action?

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